Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wow I feel So Strange

Here it is beautiful Thursday and I woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground. Usually at this time I start preparing my turkey and pies. But not this year. This year we are going to our friends house and its bring your own dish. Well we choose to get a HoneyBaked ham. I have a 5$ coupon so it should be very good. I am so excited. No hustle and also I will enjoy the time I have with the friends who have blessed me this year. I am so very excited.

Also we have finally invested in a new to us camcorder. I love it. I am going to take the kids outside in a few and tape them playing in the snow. The camera is for sale at walmart still at 249 before tax here is the link

Get this. I got it for a whooping 95.00 because I got great hook-ups. LoL I cannot wait to share video worthy of sharing. So just wanted to say hi! I give thanks to all of you this year. Thanks for standing by my side.

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Jennifer said...

That is an awesome deal!!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!