Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've Been tagged

I've been tagged by kelly & erica & anelys

So, here are 8 random things about me.

1. I have 2 deceased parents that where lost after thier divorce after 20 years.

2. I have a dream to swim with fish.

3. I am obsessed with my husband. I would give my life for his.

4. On my ankle I have a burn that is over 20 years old. I got it when I poured hot water on my sock when I was 7.

5. I broke my arm when I was a little girl. I have never had stiches though.

6. I love my in-laws and my mom's side of her family but cannot stand my sister, her hubby or my dads side of the family (with a few exceptions of course)

7. I have more than one best friend. I know they would give thier life for mine.

8. I am a shopaholic....but I dont like to buy anything unless it is from the secondhand store or the clearance rack.

Now you all know some tidbits about me. I tag....

guess all my bloggers where already tagged.

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