Friday, November 9, 2007

From the Sky Comes Many Blessings

So here I am, I am now focusing on positive instead of negative. I am putting all negativity outside of my life. It is way to short to let people get me down. I am so very happy right now. I have been reunited with a friend I have not spoken to in almost 10 years. I can thank all this drama for that. I can say she is a great support system and I pray our friendship can stay strong. It is times like this that you seperate the men from the boys or in my case the family from the frauds. I am so sorry I got some people into this but I think true colors came out. But Bueno I have been blessed because I can now see who is there for me. I know God has placed them all in my life for a reason and when I go back to Ohio, well life will be complete.

We had a great evening. We had some chinese food and then went over to a video store. It was a good evening. In the morning I spend well over an hour with my sister Carrie on the phone. It is amazing how we just picked up like there was no time lapse at all. Thank you girl for lifting me up when I needed it the most.

Ro-N now is saying thank you. He told the chinese lady it today. He astounds me. Roana is Roana. She keeps asking about Christmas and when it is. My Ro is impressing me so much. He is working all overtime tomorrow. I hope he only works 4-6 hours so we can do something nice. But at 16.50 an hour I will not complain. So not much new here on my front. I am now going to go crawl on couch with big Ro and watch some flicks.

Stay Strong and have faith all will come through in the end. The true colors come out and leave a rainbow from the people who are good.

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Anonymous said...

Show Roana my myspace page, I am ready for chirstmas also!!! Our favorite time of the year here. We pick up where Dad left off with for decorating, we go a little overboard, and have big plans for the house this year. When we get it up I will try to get a picture to show you!!! Gotta love it!
Take care and I will talk to you soon.