Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am exhausted

I do not know why but I am so tired. I am happy to report that lil Ro's rash has cleared and there is no fever so we did not have to go to the doctor. He is so cute. He tells me things now. It amazes me how much more advanced he is in some things at this age then his sister was. His favorite thing to do is rip his diaper off and run in the bathroom. He then proceeds to call me and say "Sissy, shower please." Also he is now saying "Thank you" and spongebob. He also requests and tells me what he needs. He is so smart. I love him and even if he is a pain sometimes he is the light of my life.

Roana is excelling in school. She went to school and showed me her artwork. She is so proud of herself. She is getting all A's & B's in school. She amazes me more then ever.

I have been thinking. In May Ro and I will have been married for ten years. Ro's best friend from high school is renewing his vows with his wife. It makes me want to relive those days. I want to wear the long flowing white dress and I want our family to witness our commitment. I would love to get married in his sister's backyard or even his towns catholic church. I want him to propose to me on one knee. I guess I am starting to long for a regular wedding instead of the quick elopement we preformed. I think we have enough time to know we will be together forever and I want my kids to see we are fully commited to each other. I will be patient though and may get my wish not 2010 but 2011 after he completes school. I love him with my whole heart and want my kids to know mom and dad are in it for the long run.

I am going to stop for tonight I am kind of wiped out. The whole house is silent and I know there will be a key in the door in any moment. And I cannot wait. I love my husband with my whole heart. The best part of my whole day happens here in a few moments.

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Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Great hear that lil Ro is doing better!!! and that Roana is continuing to do so well in school.

Hubby and I havent been married by Church... We said we will do it when we turn 10 years... We'll see!