Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Its the day we all look forward too. I was so excited. I loved the commercials. I especially love the ones that make me laugh out loud. We were rooting for both teams. I wanted to Cards to win becuase they were such underdogs and the steelers to win because so many fans back home love them. So either way we could not go wrong. We ended up getting subway for dinner. I love that place so cheap and so good.

Ro is getting me a laptop. I want one really bad so I can lay in bed and blog to my hearts delight. I am being patient as I would love a cute pink one. See this man adores me. He tells me "I have to keep my baby happy." I think we have true love that cannot be vanquished. So another good day in history.

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Heather said...

A pink laptop? You are too funny!


Crystal said...

Wow! I would love for John to buy me a pink laptop! With Hello Kitty on it too! =)

I'm so happy that you are happy.
Everyone has little tiff's in relationships. It's normal.

I'm glad you had a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

LOL on the pink laptop!!!!! =)