Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Very Happy Valentines

We are thinking positive now. Positive energy brings positive things, I am a strong believer in that philosophy.

We were going to just stay home for Valentines but after a long discussion we decided a cheaper alternative would be going out for lunch and dinner. I got the kids dressed warmly as when we woke up there was fog and snow. It was beautiful. Many people would have let this weather ruin their Valentine's day but not us. The snow hugged the branches of the trees and it looked like our world was crystalized. I fell in love with the day.

We headed out to our favorite resturaunt for lunch. A huge Asian buffet called Empire. I gorged myself with Korean Chicken, wontons, hot and sour soup and my passion Sushi. I was very happy that Lil Ro let us eat in peace for the most part. It was delicious and I was very full.

From there we drove around a little bit. Honestly we just chit chatted about our daily lives. It is amazing how much we learn. We came home around 1 and decided since the sun had come out and warmed our home to take the kids and dogs to the park.

We got to the park around 1:15 the kids played on the playground equipment and the dogs played fetch with Rogelio. I did snap some pictures but have not uploaded them yet. I looked at my husband and kids and realized this is truly what this day is about. Unconditional love and happiness. My big Ro looked very tired so we wrapped up our adventure at 225.

We came home and we all laid down. We took naps and woke up at 5. It felt good to do things unplanned. I talked to my grandfather today and he told me my grandmother is still in ICU but she is fiesty now. So they most likely will move her into another room on Monday. I cannot wait to call her and hear her voice. He told Big Ro he is proud of all we do and that he knows we are going through this with him.

For dinner we drove to Sonic. We love their dollar value meal and I love their Diet Cherry Limeade. They messed up our order a little bit but I walked up to thier door smiled and told them nicely the problem. They fixed the mistake and then tried to give me more. I thanked them and explained we did not need the extra and to pass it on to someone else.

Ro surprised me too. He went to the store and bought me this nice fitted case for my laptop. It is gorgeous. The colors are lilac and grey and fit my personality perfectly. I also surprised him too. I got him a xbox live subsciption and Fable II. It was a very low key Valentine's day but it was one of the best. I love my husband. This is our Tenth Valentines together and I look forward to a lifetime more of them. Thank you Ro I love you.

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Adrians Mama said...

Sounds like a great day! So happy for you!!!

buffalogal said...

It sounds like you couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! I like Sonic, I like their limeade too! Wish they'd build one in Buffalo... LOL.


Heather said...

Happy V-day!