Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My son's room is almost done!

Today I went to the dollar tree with my dear son. I am obsessed with that place. We needed shampoo and body wash and a few other lovely items. When I was there I wandered into the home decorating aisle. I am determined to find stars and planets for his room and I stumble across these circle decals and I think what the heck they look like planets kinda and if they dont work out they are only 2 dollars for 2 sets. I look across the aisle and staring at me are these lovely touch lights. I was very excited and came running home. When I got here I turned on spongebob and headed into his little room. I started throwing my planets on the wall and brainstormed. I had a round ring that would work as a rotation so I put a bright yellow sticker in the middle and positioned 9 circles around it and the rotation area. I put the two stars around it and the bed will go beneath the galaxy and between the two touch lights. I just need some fabric to cover the shelves surrounding the room and we will be set to go! I would love some glow in the dark stars and some planets for the ceiling but slowly but surely I guess.

It was a lovely day. Big Ro had his first final tonight. I am so nervous for him I checked his grades online of course with his permission. He is recieving a 97% in math and a 103% in his career building class. I am so excited and proud of him. I cannot wait until this weekend. On Saturday we are going to Falcon to pick up lil Ros toddler bed and then on Friday we are having a friend over to hang with us. It should be a wonderful weekend. I will post again here really soon.

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Heather said...

I cant wait to see pixs of this all. I get creative too decorating the kids room. I actually find pretty good stuff at Lowe's for under $10 that covers the entire room. All reusable stickers, I use them in all of our houses. GL!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Cant wait for pics!!!

Congrats to big Ro!!!!