Monday, February 2, 2009

These Anons Crack me Up Seriously (apologize for vulgar language ahead of time)

At one point of my life I would have been bawling like a baby but today I cannot help but laugh at your stupidity. You have no clue who I really am. We may have known each other in the past but obviously you do not know who I am now. Laughing my ass off. My husband is not going to trade me in for a 1982 Pinto...a crappy car at that. I am a classic. Who wants to get rid of a fine tuned machine? Idiot. You are miserable and I will not let you get me down. Further more, if we want more children they will be taken care of. No offense....we will not have medicaid for it. Nothing wrong with those that do. We will have work provided insurance. Get your damn facts straight. You heathens go back to you scum hole called home and grow some balls leave a name or dont leave a comment at all. Barb I know this was not you. Do not worry, as I told you past is past and I want to move on. Just this scuzz balls need to grow up and act their age not iq.

We have been very blessed this weekend. Rogelio came home and handed me an envelope. On the inside was an indisclosed amount of cash. He had won his works Super Bowl pool for the first quarter. Hooray! Then when I called Verizon they told me they are sending me a check back for my deposit on my cell phone. I think this abundance check thing works. You all should try it out. I was going to post more but I am taxed from my dealings with Anon. Thanks for reading and Anon go suck some rotten eggs and stick your head up your ass. Then grow some cajones and leave a name.

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Beckie said...

I admit it was me. I flew back to Oh and used someones computer and let the comments loose. No really I can not believe people would write mean comments. I am sorry if they found you because of me. Stay strong. That is the great thing about these sites is that it is an oppurtunity to show who you truly are. Do not worry I am sure I will receive nasty comments on mine one day. How do you track it again. Stay strong and do not let people get to you.

My3Ro's said...

Its cool Beckie. Nice to let off some steam sometimes. I'd rather yell at them then my dh ya know. I will tell you how to track people next time we talk. When is your next day off?

Carrie said...

Ummmm, I think I missed something. I would leave you a nasty comment but I would also leave you my name because we may not always agree but we are friends so why hide! Stick with it and if they dont like what you have to write they should not read your blog then.

Heather said...

Woah nelly! What was that all about? Let it go, but glad you could blow off some steam.
My godson also won the 1st quarter football pool. how funny 3-0 was the lucky numbers I guess. Congrats!

Crystal said...

Don't worry about what anyone thinks of you or your life. Online or offline! Know in your heart that you are a beautiful, sweet, caring and loving person. I'm glad that you can stay strong. I don't let anything people say upset me. It rolls off of my back like water on a duck.

It's sad that these people have to post silly and mean spirited things to someone to get some excitement, since they have no excitement in their own little lives.

My mom taught me that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." I live to that little saying to this very day.

You are a wonderful and beautiful person. I am honored to have found you and became friends with you.

People that have bad things to say about other people aren't happy with themselves and lack respect and love for themselves. They are sad people indeed.

Hold your head up and know that you are strong and have a wonderful life & family. Don't let ANYONE EVER get you down. You are too strong momma!


Lizzi said...

Hah - who gives a damn what someone random person on the internet (who doesn't even have the balls to identify theirselves!) thinks! I sense maybe a tad of jealousy...?

:) Keep your head high! Take care!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I bet this person feels sooo honored with a whole post for her!!!! LOL....