Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love Saturdays

So hubby did not return until 2:00 am this morning and honestly we did have a tiff. However after lots of thinking and no intoxication we both came to the conclusion that we were both wrong. I told him he could go out again but to please keep in mind he is a married man.

We went to a chinese buffett today. I digged the sushi like always. I love the flavor of it in my mouth. From there we went to Entertainmart and we got a new blackberry for our phone service. That phone is crazy. It is seriously like a mini computer.

It was a relaxed day. Since we did not get up until 10 we did not much at all. I love my life I would not change it.

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buffalogal said...

My husband loves his blackberry that he has thru work, he can get so much done. Isn't it amazing how technology has advanced so much that you can do so much with such a small piece of equipment. LOL

Heather said...

M&M's and now sushi, girl you are making me jealous, lol!
Im scared to get blackberry, then i will always be on the computer, lol!