Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gotta Love Colorado

Yesterday it was 60 degrees outside not today we cannot get out of the teens. LMAO! It is freezing and snowing and now the baby is sick. He is coughing and running a fever. I am alternating tylenol and motrin and I know he will be better but that does not make it any better right now. If we could stick to one season it would be fine Know What I mean? We went to McDonalds today and the playplace was completely empty. I was ticked off. I did not want McDonalds at all. I ordered a side salad and a fruit and yogurt parfait instead of sandwiches. I also drank lemonade. We promised the kids we would go there a couple of weeks ago and we have to stick by our promises. I am sticking to my resolution to eat better! So here I am today. Just dealing with sick kids and cranky husband but its still going. Talking to him about his career and things. Life is ok just trying. Gotta stay positive ya know.

Just so you all know he started coughing and the fever started after McDonalds. I dont want to be labeled that mom who does not give a darn.

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Beckie said...

Good Job Susan. Have you thought about joining weight watchers? It is awesome. I love it.

Anonymous said...

If you did not want mcdonalds why did you go there? For the kids? You don't always have to do what they want... that is spoiling them. Let them know that in life sometimes there are things we can't have. They'll be better off as adults that way.

My3Ro's said...

Beckie: We are going to do body for life starting next week. It worked awesome for us in 99 so we know it will work again.

Anon: The reason we went to Mc'Ds was because 1: Lil Ro was not feeling too hot. Also we promised them we would go 3 weeks ago. If we break that promise then how does that show them how to be proper adults? We do not spoil our kids. I plan the food they eat it all. They have a set time for bed now. They even gave toys away to needy kids before Christmas. If my kids are spoiled I would love to meet more spoiled kids like them.

Cammy said...

You took your son to McD's/ PlayPlace while he's coughing & RUNNING A FEVER?

IMO that's rather inconsiderate to other parents & children. :(

I wonder how many germs he left behind to infect others? :( Please think twice about that next time.

Promises can be postponed.

My3Ro's said...

Cammy. I apologize ahead of time. I should have specified. The fever and cough did not start until the afternoon. We went to McDonalds at 11 the illness started at 330. Sorry for confusion but I will not take my kids there when they are sick again...if ever. I hate mcdonalds. LoL

Adrians Mama said...

Good lord since when do people come read blog and then leave rude hate comments!! UGH!!!
Susan-*I* know you are a great mom!!! Don't listen to these other peeps!

Carrie said...

Don't explain yourself to that person. We as parents cave in sometimes but its none of their concern. So you took them to mcdonalds and you didnt want to go there, we've all been there, sometimes you just give in to not hear complaining no biggie! Of course you wouldnt take them sick. People are so fast to jump on others about that without knowing the whole story. I also love weight watchers Becky. I have lost 19 pounds on it so far! Good luck and happy new year!

Heather said...

Wow you got some rude readers. Girl I go to mcdonalds and dont eat all the time. I order 20 nuggets for my kids and sit and watch them play. I usually get a water cup to keep me busy, as per needing to snack or what ever i chew on ice. Mcdonalds is great for warm indoor fun on a cold day and yet still able to get out of the house for free. You did the right thing, dont stress it.
Hope he feels better soon.