Sunday, January 18, 2009

I love my little family

This week was really tough without my dear husband around to keep me company. He made it up to me this weekend however. We sat and watched movies and grocery shopped and even argued a little bit too. LoL

Mommy is starting a budget now. I have made a budget so we do not go out and eat more then once a week. The one time we go out to eat will be when we visit our friend at his resturaunt. This is our menu for the next two weeks. Breakfast will be fruits and bagels with low fat cream cheese and lunch ham sandwiches on whole wheat bread. The bagels and whole wheat bread total spent for 4 packs of bagels and 4 loaves of bread 10.00

Friday: Taco Shop (dinner out)
Saturday: Chicken Flautas Sour Cream Salsa Salad
Sunday: Manacotti or Stuffed Shells Salad garlic bread
Monday: Chicken Mole rice lettuce
Tuesday: Carne (Diesmillo) rice & Beans salad
Weds: Pork in green chile rice and beans
Thursday: Spaghetti with ground chicken salad with dressing garlic bread
Friday: Taco Shop(dinner out)
Saturday: Tortas de Jamon
Sunday: Whatever is in freezer
Monday: breaded oven baked pork or chicken with macaroni & cheese & veggies
Tuesday: Spaghetti with meat salad & bread
Weds: Carne rice beans
Thursday: Pork with rice & beans

I may switch the days out a little but I feel better knowing I have a plan and daddy does not have to worry about what we are having dinner. Plus here was our grand total for 2 weeks of food. $95.00 for 2 weeks. I am so proud of me. I am glad we are getting a grip on our finances and being smart.

Poor Big Ro has a tooth ache. I am going to send him to the dentist because it hurts bad. Keep him in your prayers. Life is good right now. Hope everyone else is doing well. Enjoy our pics and video.

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Heather said...

Good for you. Thats a whole lot of Mexican food, I love it! Great videos, you should give him a tennis raquet since he hits it over his head all the time. But seriously what a great skill. I also love the big ro is in a tshirt, looks like great weather!

Crystal said...

I can't get over how good Ro-n is at hitting the ball!! He really stays at it too. My boys at that age would have played 1-2 minutes and went running to something else. He really loves it and keeps at it.

It looked like you all had some good weather today!
Lucky for you!! We have 3 inches os snow. =(

The dinner's sound so yummy!
Love the pics & video.


Anonymous said...

The menu idea is a good one, we do it too and write it out every week on a dry erase board that way it saves the hassle of figuring what to have each day and it does prevent us from eating out too much. The kids look cute, and all the Mexican food makes me hungry LOL. Good luck.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

We really need to sit down and start doing this again...

I LOVE how Ro-N drops the bat and run to the base every times he hits!!! Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Adrians Mama said...

LOVE the videos! Ro-N is too cute!!!!! He has good skills with baseball too!!!!