Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Very Strange Day

Poor Big Ro. He hurt a tooth the other day and we had no idea what was wrong. All we knew was his mouth hurt. I am so glad we opted for dental insurance. On Monday I called the dentist and he got us in today. Ro went to the doctor and I thought he would be diagnosed as an abscess but instead he diagnosed it as a cracked tooth. Unfortunately the doctor decided it would be best to extract the tooth. Poor Ro when I saw him his whole side of his face was swollen and the doctor told him to take motrin. I ran to Target with the kiddos and got it for him I hope he comes home soon so he can take it and relax a bit.

The kids are asleep in bed and I am finally adjusting to the time without Big Ro. It is getting easier. He was very apologetic about not being home with me at all today but I know he needs to take care of himself first. I have to admit I have been a grumpy gus all day today. I think AF is about to rear her ugly head or maybe its just from lack of sleep. Who knows?

Tomorrow is Thursday. No way. I cannot wait to hear its Friday. That means Ro and I will have the evening to ourselves and the whole weekend. He maybe transfering departments soon. Time will tell.

I am very excited. I found a mutual friend of ours on facebook. Her name is Batina. She is a very sweet woman who keeps Ro company. I am glad she is taking an interest in me too. I told her we need a girls day out. Lets see if she actually accepts that offer...Not much new going on here. Oh yeah I filed our taxes. Hopefully Uncle Sam accepts them with no mishaps. Life is good. Gradually improving. So far I cannot complain about 2009 and the first month is almost over. Thanks for continuing to be interested in my life and check out that blog if you get a chance.

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Heather said...

Wouldnt miss a day in the life of Susan and her Ro's, lol!