Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Isn't it crazy?

When Ro was around I took him for advantage. I ignored him and mistreated and now that we have one whole waking hour together I miss him more then ever. Its kind of lonely here. Yes we have google chat but its not the same when its a two minute talk and potty run. I know I am lucky he does come home and we have weekends together but I still miss my partner. I miss the inside jokes and the smiles. I miss the smell of his cologne after a hard days work. I miss watching him play with his kids. I miss my husband. Only one day more and then we get family time. I cannot wait. I have no clue how these military moms do it. Thank you military families for sacrificing as much as you do.

Tomorrow is Roana's school conference. I am hoping Big Ro gets to accompany me. Lets hope work lets him out at 4 for a change. Lil Ro is growing up so fast. Last night he went all night with no pee in his diaper at all. I have a feeling we may be potty training again very soon. So here is my rant post today. One more day and I will be sane again. Well close to it at least.

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Heather said...

Girl I know how you feel, I have weeks with no husband, it hurts but it makes the time together that much more special. Hang in there!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Im sorry that you are having such a hard time... I know how hard it is as we lived that with every pregnancy that we needed to be apart... Hang in there!