Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Joys Of Parenting

I know many days I complain about having no adult interaction. I whine about hearing the screaming and crying. Today is not one of those days.

My son Lil Ro is growing faster then a weed. This morning when Roana woke up I guess she rolled out of bed. Lil Ro heard the bump saw it was not me or Ro and he shouted clear as day "Roana, are you OK?" Tears came to my eyes. My son worries about his sister. I must be doing something right. He also tells me OK mom. Let me help. Here you go. He is flourishing and I could not be any prouder. I think yes these kids are stressful but I definitely want to add to my brood.

This weather is killer. One day its freezing and the next day it is tolerable. I just cannot comprehend how God plays these little jokes. I think he want to watch us get agitated. I know summer is around the corner and then I will complain about the heat. We cannot win either way.

This weekend should be very interesting. For one Ro is going to a get together with a couple of guys from work. I in the past have had issues with this. I am learning I have to let him go to keep him close. I just made him promise not to drink. Drinking and his diabetes are not good together. I am thinking of chopping my hair off again. I am so sick of it being long and I hate brushing it. I guess we shall see what happens.

For Super Bowl Sunday I really want Fargo's pizza. Oh my goodness that is a little slice of heaven there. I know its breaking my diet but what is super bowl with no pizza huh? I am feeling really good by the way. I can actually feel my body evolving into a healthier person. I am no longer eating mounds of food and begging for seconds. I am learning when I am full. I am also downing my daily recommended amount of water. I want to feel and look good for my husband.

So nothing really new. I am just so proud of myself and children lately. Of course I am very proud of my husband too. He really blows my mind such a trooper. I have never seen a man work as hard as he does on only 6 hours of sleep. I hope he realizes we know his sacrifices and we appreciate him. He is DA bomb. So that's really it for now. Have a blessed evening.

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Momto3LittleFlowers said...

It is amazing how they take care of each other... Even Mimi takes "care" of her sisters.. It is amazing!

Good job on feeling good about yourself!! Good job!!!

My3Ro's said...

Anelys: Yes it is crazy how quick they grow. I miss my little babies. I am doing so good right now. I am very proud of myself.

Heather said...

Im so glad your body is feeling the changes. 21 days makes it a habit, GL!