Friday, January 30, 2009

I am Sad

It is getting really late and my hubby still is not home. I miss him dearly but I know he deserves a night out with his buddies every once and awhile. The thought that he would trade me in is hillarious. This man adores me. He may not worship the ground I walk on but we have a mutual love and respect after 10 years together. I may not be hot anymore but we still have the flame that is burning brighter then ever. How many couples do you know who still call each other baby and love? How many couples after this long still crave each others embrace? I am so blessed to have this man in my life.

The kids and I had a good evening. We curled on the couch and watched tv. I made them a deep dish pizza and we had some M &M's. They are wonderful little creatures. I cannot wait until we have a family day together.

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Beckie said...

Don't let people bug you. Don't give them the time

Heather said...

Much better than the post that was here before. i got all confused because I saw the post on my google reader but it wasnt here I like this one better, sounds much more sensible.