Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yea! It came around and got me

I finally caught this cold. My throat aches and I feel so tired. Lil Ro is doing so much better now on the meds we got him and I am sure he shared his germs with me. Today is Rogelio's orientation at college. I am so proud of him but why did I get this illness today of all days. I am drained. Seriously drained. I am really tempted to find a bottle of Nyquil and put myself to sleep. But right now I am the only adult so I need to be awake.

Things are ok. I forgave the person who hurt me. I think they know how bad it hurt and regrets it. For future reference when you say something remember that words can burn harder then physical contact. If you are interested check out my new blog. I am posting daily pics. So far so good. Even got Big Ro on board.

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Heather said...

Sorry your sick, hope you feel better soon!

Baby Mama said...

Get well soon! I know how it feels to be sick and the fact that mom's don't get sick days sucks!!

I am still working on your siggy, sorry it is taking me so long, I have been trying to catch up on sleep but hopefully I will have it done by tonight :)

And as for the person who hurt you... as long as you look in the mirror and see a beautiful person that is all that matters! Some people really don't think before they speak and don't realize how much damage their words can do.