Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not a Snow day but took advantage of the Snow anyway

Today we awoke with a two hour delay for school and I was pretty disappointed but we would take it. Roana had 4 hours of school and then for 1 hour after helped some primary students learn Spanish. It was great. When she came out of class we had the sleds ready and walked to the back of the school where a big hill awaited us.

My children impressed me with how the rode the sleds. They are naturals. The found mounds of snow and jumped them as if they were just tiny little hills. The swerved around other sledders and sled farther and then came tracking up for more. It was freezing outside but watching the joy in their pink little cheeks more then made up for it. I hope we continue to get good snow so we can do this more often. These are the moments that I relish and vow to keep in my head forever.

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