Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almost there

So my husband is being very sweet today. He woke up and made his breakfast. Then he shook me and told me. Honey I will take Roana to school. He kissed my forehead and closed the door. They went to school and Lil Ro and I slept until 945. Amazingly when I awoke my throat had cleared up a little bit and my body did not ache. I am almost 100 percent again. Woo Hoo!

My daughter is so damn smart. I am very proud of her lately. She told me " I am never having kids. It hurts to have them." I have no clue who told her that. She also aced her reading test on Tuesday. She got a 100 % and she is truly excited to prove that she can learn too.

Hubby is doing awesome in school. He is taking a midterm tomorrow and I cannot believe the second semester is already halfway over. Yes this class goes fast but I am so excited. 13 months until we get his diploma. His financial aide came through thank Goodness and we are set now. I am so blessed.

One of my best friends buried her grandpa today. My heart is breaking for her and I fear the day this happens to me. I already know when it happens I will have no words and I will be a mess for years to come. They are all I have left in this crazy world besides my husband. Our relationship is improving too and I am very happy with him. I feel so much secure with him now and all it took was a slap to the face from that board who I thought hurt me so much.

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Adrians Mama said...

Aww I am glad Ro is being sweet! I know how you feel about burying grandparents...losing my grandfather was VERY HARD for me as he was my father figure most of my life!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

WTG to Roana on her reading test!!! and how nice that Ro is being sooo sweet... You deserve it... Im very sick too, but Im happy that you are feeling better now...

Anonymous said...

what happened to your Lettuce blog? You haven't posted a new pic in a hundred years or so!

Crystal said...

Hey mommma?!?

I'm wondering where you have been? I miss your posting! I hope everything is okay.


Anonymous said...