Saturday, March 14, 2009

A wonderful Saturday

We woke up today at 10 am. That rarely happens anymore. But apparently our bodies needed that extra sleep and needed it bad. I got the kids dressed and had no clue what our day included. Ro finally got ready and we headed out to the resturaunt for our weekly binging. Honestly I was a little depressed because this morning when I woke up the scale read one pound higher. But I guess doing weekly weigh ins that can happen when you do them instead of monthly.

We walked into our favorite Asian buffet. The smells wafted through the air and perked up my taste buds. I instantly grabbed Lil Ro his plate and we went to work. I had wontons & korean chicken and mongolian pork. Then skipped the rice and lo mein. I grabbed some wasabi & pickled ginger and went to the sushi bar. I loaded my plate with California Rolls and some kind of crab sushi. I was in bliss as each flavor tickled my taste buds. When I was full I took the kids to the waiting area.

After playing with the quarter machines we grabbed our goods and settled on a bench. The kids where happy with the finds they got and Ro exited the resturaunt and said "Ok lets go for a cruise now".

I was so excited to get out of town for a little while. We drove about a mile and he entered the freeway. Where are we going babe I asked with anticipation. He smiled and said lets go relive some memories.

We drove about 45 minutes and landed in denver. I was so excited as we drove past our first apartments and hey were still standing. I was heartbroken as I realized that the drive in by them however was a condo complex now. We drove down by Lakewood and up to downtown. Why is there all this traffic we pondered as we entered the skyscraper streets. I saw a rush of people dressed in green and it explained it all. Saint Patricks day Parade Denver. Wacky times for all. We continued living all the memories in Denver and drove back home.

I was wiped out but very content. My husband took me for a ride and not one argument if you could imagine that. It is almost 10 years ago since we lived there the first time but it still seems like just yesterday. I forgot my camera at home so no pictures today. My life is improving and I am maturing. Life is great and I am so blessed.

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Xazmin said...

Umm, this post made me hungry!!

It sounds like your having a wonderful time...happy for you!