Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 4 Last day of Staycation

Today is our last day of Staycation. I do not want it to end. Yes, it was not all candy and crazy but I am going to miss having my husband home. I know he will have a great week at work though. Today we drove over to check out a resturaunt for a friend of ours. Unfortunately the space was already taken but while we were there we saw a pizza hut. Being about a 20 minute drive from home my sweet husband decided I have been craving it so he treated me. We had a grand old time and I was very happy.

Later on we went to another kmart and got lil Ro and Roana a new pair of clothes and shoes. Today was my Roana's first dentist appointment. I was more nervous then she was. The dentist did her xray's and then called me into the room. He asked me if I was sure this was her first appointment to the dentist. He informed me she had very good teeth and was impressed. It seems as though she is doing a great job by herself. I am very happy. She will have sealants applied to her teeth next month.

So this was the end of our staycation. Very humble but very nice. I hope Ro and I get to do this again very soon.

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Crystal said...

What a great staycation!
Love all the pics!


Heather said...

Glad you had fun!