Sunday, March 15, 2009

It is a lovely Sunday. Wish it wouldn't be Monday

Woke up agian this morning at 1030 this morning. I am going to hate waking up tomorrow at 6:30 again. Today we awoke this morning and we had cereal for breakfast. I was stoked back on our diet or so I thought. We drove the dogs and the kids to a park to have a picnic. We decided to have subway since that fills us up until dinner. I grabbed my favorite sandwich "A Subway Club" and Ro had a teriyaki chicken. I love subway and it is not too fattening.

I was mad at the dog because he chewed our backseat in the wagon so I told Ro we would not play with him now. Instead we got in the car and drove to Costco to return a game and then the bank to do a deposit in our account. Roana gave me her puppy dog eyes and told me Mommy we did not get to play. So off we went to a park closer to home and played for an hour. The kids were beat and we headed off home to relax and spend our day peacefully.

The kids and I played Paper Mario and daddy took a nap. Then we went to our local taco shop for some dinner. I ruined my diet there by eating a carne asada chimichanga with salsa guacamole and cheese. I can get back on it tomorrow. I just need to focus on it more.

I am just living day by day trying to get by. I am trying to stay positive and enjoy my life as a mom of 2 and a wife of one. To be happy is pure joy and right now I am experiencing it. I have pictures but I have not uploaded them to my computer. I will do it later on Tuesday Night when the kids are asleep

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Heather said...

There is a balance between healthy and happy living. Just have to find it!