Monday, March 30, 2009

Planning My Son's 3rd Birthday Celebration

We do not have many IRL friends or at least ones that would be interested in a 3 year olds party. After the basketball game Ro begged me to go to a Nuggets game with him. I do not want to go through that with him. I do not want to jump in the water again so I did some research on sporting events here in Colorado. I was looking at package deals for the Rockies. I saw an awesome one. It is for April 24th and it is a great team we can see. It is the LA Dodgers. I cannot wait to see Manny again. The best part is we are sitting right above his position. I am in row 9. I told Ro I am so going to go down there and scream at him "Eh Manny. Es el cumpleanos de mi nino. Por favor firma un beisbol por el. Gracias amigo." Ro laughs and says he just may do it if I scream in spanish. We adore him. My son adores baseball so it is perfect being just 2 days after his birthday. The best part was the price.

We got 4 seats, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas, 1 parking pass and a program for 60.00! I am so excited. I even bid on a Helton Jersey for my baby. He is going to look so cute. Now thinking about it I should have gotten a Dodgers one but when in Rome do as the Romans do. LoL

I am counting down. I cannot believe my baby is going to be three. Only 25 days until our celebration!

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Heather said...

Sounds like a great idea! Im excited for you guys. I love going to soccer games, a night out as a family is just so much fun!

Adrians Mama said...

Oooh that sounds fun!!! Cant wait to read about and see pics!!

Crystal said...

That is a terrific idea. Ro-N will love it!!
Don't forget your camera on your outting/celebration mama! Can't wait to see Lil Ro_n's smile on his face!