Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 2 staycation

It is Sunday. We need to go the park and grill today as tomorrow there is supposed to be snow and that is unacceptable. I ran to the star and grabbed a bag of charcoal and a spatula. I cannot wait to grill. I love being outside feeling the heat beat down on my skin and smelling the aroma of hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken cooked over fire. The kids climbed on the rocks and I sat and made everyones plates. These hamburgers where the best ones ever I can say. I prepped everything the night before and had it all packed in a cooler.

I watched Ro play with the kids and watched them disappear in the wilderness. I was afraid to leave our food behind as bikers and dogs frequently pass and I would cry if our chicken disappeared. I loved that time together as we relaxed and played. I even got a little sunburn. The best was all the leftovers that will last us until tomorrow evening at least.

I am enjoying my staycation so far. I actually dread the day it ends. I have loaded a few pictures. Still learning how to load from this laptop

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Heather said...

Smells yummy! lol!

Crystal said...

yummy!! It all sounds so yummy and mouth watering! I love grilled food.

What a great day you had!

You look sooooo pretty!!! I love the sunglasses! Pretty teeth too!