Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to Reality

I am back to blogging again. Spring break is officially over and I have some down time at night. Today Roana returned to school and I was very ready. My poor apartment looks like a tornado struck it and my brain feels like mush. I am doing pretty good.

My sister called me on Friday. She told my paternal grandfather is in the hospital. He was not supposed to last 4 hours but noone called to tell me anything happened to him so I suppose he is still hanging on. I did not really have a relationship with him so I am not going to pretend to now that he is passing on. I am not two faced and do not plan to become that way.

I am still very excited about the baseball game. I cannot wait to hear the fans calling out. Smell the fresh popped popcorn. Listen to the crack of the ball and bat and see these people who will inspire my son even more.

I am enjoying my life right now. It is simple and yes I am still counting the days until graduation but it is my life and it will not always be this way. I am grateful for the small things in life right now. The sound of my hubby practicing ukulele. The soft smile on his lips. His butterfly kisses, Time passes us too fast. I cannot hold on to the ugly. I love this man with my whole heart always.

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Heather said...

Tru dat, tru dat!

Adrians Mama said...

Sorry about your grandpa...

Crystal said...

Sorry about your grandpa.

I agree that life passes us by so quickly.

Glad you are so happy today mama.