Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am taking babysteps

I am really doing bad at this blogging thing right now. I do not know what to blog about lately. I do not want to bore anyone by being repetitive. Tonight was a crazy evening. Ro had a field trip to Manitou Cliff House to study angles and things. He then came home and informed me that he had went with a couple of classmates to a bar. I was shocked and asked him ok so what did you drink? He told me coffee. I was not born yesterday most bars do not serve coffee and he does not even drink it. I asked him again and pleaded him not to lie to me as that is what angers me most. Finally he admitted he had a beer with them. I held my breath and told him he should not have drank alcohol. Then he wanted nookie but I walked away to comfort myself with some chocolate ice cream. We sat on the couch and I let it die. I did not bring it up again. I told him I was disappointed but thanked him for telling him the truth. I then curled on his chest and watched a little tv. So hurray for me I really avoided the confrontation. I am learning to pick my battles and if I am on him like a pit bull he will only lie and I will push him away.

I am still a little sick. I am sleeping it off right now. I am so ready for the weekend and it's only Tuesday.

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