Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!

Whoever thought that spending the evening cooped up in your apartment could be the best start to the year ever. Rogelio and I had plans to hang out with of bff here in the springs but plans changed because my amiga has the blues. My sil invited us over but honestly imagine a 20 month old, 3 year old and 2 7 year olds...not fun at all. Last time we were there Ro-n got a scar. So at 7 we started our little hoorah. I opened a corona for Ro with limon y sal and toasted him with a big glass of mountain dew. It was beautiful. The kids curled up on the couch and we watched a movie. At 930 roana got very tired. We told her we love you honey it is 2008 somewhere and off she went to baby boy made it up until 1030 from there on it was just us two lovebirds. We made it. 2008...our 9th new years together. I remember 9 years ago he sent me packing to Ohio but my heart sang for him and 1 week later I made it back to him and I have never turned back.

On another note when does school start again??? These 2 are driving me bonkers I love them but I swear If I hear my name again I am going bonkers. Well that is it for today. More this evening I am sure

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