Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To the chicken who claims to know me

The only reason I tried to sign up for your exclusive group Miss Anonymous was so I could see why you were so interested in my blog. I just wanted to know whose lives revolve around mine. I didn't want to let you all down. LOL! That is fine but to accuse people of trying to hack into it, is ridiculous. I do not have the time for that silliness.

I was just wondering why you have the interest in me but do not have interest in getting to know me. I know reason you did not accept me is not I am white, but as you are "women of color" I was wondering why you didn't accept me. Could it be you are secretly jealous of me?????

I am sorry to break it to you guys as we all know nothing on the Internet is 100% private. I know the locations because most of you shared them recently with quite a few people. I can put two and two together you know. I know who is who and who has good intentions coming here.

If you are going to be brave enough to sign my comments please be brave enough to sign your names. Pansy's! Oh that's alright I have my ways of finding out. Just let me know why I am not good enough to be one of you but you are good enough to check me out.

P.S. If you have enough time to check this out please know the address thing was pure bullshit ok?

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carrie said...

Hi my name is Carrie and I am reading your blog!!! Havent we had enough trouble lately from nosy people? I thought maybe I dreamed it!