Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Migraine headache and sick kids

So it has led to this. Today I have a migraine. One of those that make you throw up. Then my dd woke up and decided to worship the porceline god herself. My house is so entertaining today. I am going to have to clean it spotless on top of things because my hubby decided to let a friend come over. Oh yeah baby so excited...hint of sarcasm. Then I called him to let him know what is going on and he had the nerve to get mad at me. He said please email me because the guys tease me for the phone ringing for me so much. But then I am spending too much time online...grr damned if i do damned if I dont! Sorry we have a family. Well that is it for today. Please keep an eye out for this guy I posted as missing his family is really scared.

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