Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Is My Time

Right now as the clock hits 9:00 I can finally sit down and relax before a long evening. My son is curled up on his side cup sitting at his side and Ro is laying in bed snoring quietly. I can zone out and enjoy a few moments of quiet. This is my time. My time to reflect on the days (or lack of) events. I can share what is going on with the world.

I cannot comprehend how these pharmaceutical businesses stay in business. My poor hubby is taking Tylenol cold & flu, TheraFlu, Ibuprofen and even rubbing Vick's all over his body (don't mine that part wink wink) but none of it is really helping. All it does is knock him out. I guess that is helping though as to my knowledge he is attempting a day at work tomorrow.

I am still amazed at my daughter. Today I told myself focus on her after school so I put my terrible toddler in the room with daddy and shut the door and sat with her at the dining room table. She cried because she had two spelling assignments and math and reading homework. I looked at her and told her straight-faced that "You are smart baby and they need to challenge you". She read a book to me for 20 minutes and some of the words she could sound out amazed me such as "Lake Titicaca" and Inca Kingdom. She is blossoming and I pray she knows how much she amazes me.

This morning my terrorist stole my heart too. When hubby got up to attempt a normal day he heard his dad leave. He slipped off his bed came running into my room and curled up beside me. He even grabbed my arm and placed it around him. I love my munchkin. He can brighten my day by the slightest thing. The poor soul though right now is breaking in his final molars so he is cranky and I think he is catching a bit of daddy's cold.

I have been bawling all day today. First I was watching lifetime while DH napped and I was watching a show about a lady who had a preemie who developed cancer planned her husband and nurse to get together after her death. I cried at first for the tiny birth, then the diagnosis of cancer, then the letters she wrote. My I just cried and cried. Hubby even saw me. Then this evening we rented the movie with the rock in it. The game plan. Oh my goodness. I loved this movie. It made me bawl too. I think AF is just around the corner.

Life is going forward. We are learning and loving. We are relying on each other more and more and making decisions together. I can honestly say for the first time in this marriage Rogelio and I have no outside influences influencing us. Our children are flourishing and you know life is not half bad.

When you look at the negative in this world and then the positive in my life you know its not worth it. All we can do is live life it was meant to be...With someone you love and happily.

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Heather said...

hope everyone feels better soon!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Im so happy that you are being able to focus in what is important!!! Way to go!!!