Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Welcome to my Life WomenofColorBBC!!!!!

I have this thing on my page that produces live feed from where you guys are and when you showed up. I find it very interesting that people who don't give a damn about my life now find me fascinating. The same people who think I am a lower form of species.

Welcome! I am glad I can entertain you with my daily thoughts and fears. You say you hate people like me but yet I appear fascinating. You say you have a life outside of Internet but yet you prey on me! This is hilarious to me.

You know I have references and can pretty much figure out who each of you are from your location. I am good enough to be referenced but when I try to join your group you ask me to please let you be! Hhhhmmmmm that is not fair is it? You can view my page but you hide behind privacy like pansy's.
I am not going to give up my friends, just because you think you are better then them!

So what I am not a "woman of Color". Look at my daughter she is certainly not "Blanca". My DH he is not "Blanco" either last time I checked. Believe it or not because of who I love I suffer every day! You would know that if you really knew me!

Why is race such a big thing in this world today. You are only showing how close minded you are by frequenting this page and other "Latina by heart pages" just to joke about them behind our backs!

So keep hiding behind your private group, it only shows how fake you are. I will not hide. I am not ashamed! I am Latina at heart and proud of it. You say you have lives but you keep nosing in mine. I may not have a Bachelors or Masters degree but I do know how to put things together. I know who you are so please stop. You do not know me so leave me be in peace. I think honestly you should mind your own business.

If any of you know what I did wrong besides side with a friend and be born the wrong skin tone could you please clue me in? I will respond to all comments and you can email me at alottaluv at hotmail dot com! I know how the Internet works it goes both ways.

I am sad that I went from defending my Latina status to now find out what is wrong with my Blanca status.

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carrie said...

man what happened this time. Your pretty mad. Call me and tell me whats going on!!

Mama Lacuache said...

whew u go girl....

Anonymous said...

funny if you really knew who was there you would know it has nothing to do with being any certain race. and could it be that they were so "fascinated" with your site because all of a sudden you and M started trying to hack into theirs? hmmm....

Anonymous said...

First off, is not your page PUBLIC? Only an observation, but if you have an issue with people viewing your blog then set it to private. In my personal opinion, people who complain they are being spied on, but continually leave their mark on the internet with their moans, groans & celebrations about daily life are asking for everyone to see it.

Furthermore, did you specify the color of your skin during your sign up? I'm assuming WomenofColor is primarily women of color, but unless you came up with a screen name WhiteLady no one should know you are white. Could it be the board was full?

I do not feel you should label your blog Race, when it does not have anything to do with such. People, such as myself, searching PUBLIC blogs, would come across yours and be expecting something else.

My3Ro's said...

anonymous 1: I can figure out who you are. The fascination started when you looked at my page for no darn reason.

Anonymous 2: Yes my page is public. I keep it that way because I have nothing to hide. I don't care who sees it really but to pretend you don't care and then log on every day is redundant. They sent me a rejection letter stating this is a private group you are not wanted here. Ok so now you understand. I did take race off the topic but ya know if you dont like it dont read it.

Mama: Yea just so darn fed up. Tired of all the kaka.

Carrie: You know. Same day different crap. I will call you.