Friday, January 25, 2008

I QUIT!!!!!!!!

I am so tired of the screaming baby, the rude teachers and the nagging husband. I quit life. I told dh I am not feeling good so he gives me know how by buying pizza and making me serve it! Thanks hunny that helps me bunches! My daughter Roana was sent home from school for having a fever. Guess what it broke and her new form of entertainment is torturing her lil brother.

Don't get me started on the cable today. For some reason the dang internet went out and I fixed it after 25 minutes. Then I had to pull out the tv to fix the dang box. I got both working but I got in trouble for tangling the cords to his 360 up. I am pulling my hair out here!

Where is my Pina Colada and sleep mask???? Hell I need a shot of whiskey. When is my break when do I get to be sick and be babied. Yea thats right they call me mommy and wife. When I took that ring and popped these creatures out I gave up my name and became servant. If anyone needs me I will be in the bathroom...crying my eyes out in a hot bath with that bottle of ibuprofen wishing there was a director screaming "Take 2!" Hope everyone else had a great day.

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Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Oh hun, take it easy!!! I know it's easier said than done, but you are STRONG!! You can do it!!!!!

carrie said...

Oh man do I feel you!! I had my surg. last friday and sat he asked what am I making for dinner, my answer "whatever you can drive to mcdonalds and order!!!" He didn't like that to well. He asked me sunday are you gonna clean and do laundry today, sure with the hole in my stomach and all no problem. I never got any time off. Sucks being mom and wife on days like that. Hang in there. I'll call you sometime this weekend.Carrie

BB Mama said...

take that bath girl. sometimes a little me time is all you need to get through the day...or minute, whichever is worse :D