Thursday, September 11, 2008

Explaining 9/11 & more

9/10 & 9/11 is bad for us. Today my sweet daughter saw the flags half staff and asked me why. I forgot my baby was just a baby the day this happened. She is too innocent to remember but I must make her understand. I took her hands and sat her on a park bench by the school. I went on to describe tbe terror that occured that day. I explained how we are a rich country or at least was and that other nations could not stand us for that. I then told her how a couple of bad guys crashed some planes into very important buildings here in our country. She started shaking and I looked at the flag. She then asked me mommy will they hurt me too? I told her no not today as thanks to those souls who lost thier lives and the current ones who risk their lives for us that we are safe. I told her to be proud to be an american. We are united even though sometimes we do not act like it. She hugged me and ran to class satisfied for now. When she is older I will pull up the videos but for now the curiosity is filled. It breaks my heart she is now getting to the age where she notices things like this. She also has empathy for those lives loss. I am doing a good job with her.

I was really in the mood to take pictures today but thanks to some scavenger my camera was missing. It really did not help that I still have memory loss. I am getting my thoughts back slowly but surely. I finally found the camera but by the time I did picture opportunities were lost.

We are making plans this weekend. We are thinking of taking a drive into the moutains. A place called estes park. We might pack a picnic lunch or we may just buy something on Sunday. Saturday is my big game. I am so excited. Go Bucks Beat those Trojans! LoL I have good news on my cell phone. It was not water damaged so they are covering it under warranty but even if not the other guys insurance will cover it. Life is slowly resuming to normal. I still miss that car and I am still traumatised but it will all work out as long as I have faith. Hope all is well out there with all of you.

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Adrians Mama said...

I looooove Estes Park it is sooo beautiful!!!