Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am terrified

When God throws curveballs he really throws them. I went to the orthopedic surgeon today and we got good and bad news. The break is not that bad but it is twisted so we have to manipulate it. Usually this is done in office but as lil man is wiggly and barely two we have to go to the hospital outpatient. They are going to give him anesthia and he will be away from me the whole time. My poor baby. If I did not feel like a great mom but now I feel even worse. My son is in pain and now is being put to sleep. My greatest fear of course. Our procedure starts at 12:15 mst. It will be over by 1:15. Lets hope October starts off right.

I know my last post was very heavy and I am heartbroken. It seems like my world was crashing. I am taking some steps with the help of a friend to turn things around. Keep us in your thoughts and please hug your baby's tight.

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Carrie said...

You will be amazed at how rezilliant littlr boys are! Jeremys sisters little boy, he's 3, broke his arm in 3 places and had pins and stuff and after surg. he went running down the hall and fell on it! He got up and said ouch but was fine. He never complained about pain so she only gave him ibprofen. He worn a hard cast for 4 weeks but was so proud of it. If he is gonna break an arm now is the time. He is growing so fast the bones are still soft and bendy so they will heal much faster then when he's a teen. He will be just fine but tell mommy to take a nerve pill and stop freaking out about it!!! Love ya sis!

Heather said...

Praying all goes well, keep us updated and give him big hugs from all of us when you get to see him again.


Crystal said...

I still have Rogelito in my prayers. It is 3:00PM EST here. So it is around 12 noon there. That means Lil Ro may be getting ready to go back to the O.R. I will kneel my head and say a prayer for him and keep him in my thoughts.

Give him a soft huggle for me. Poor baby =(

Things will get better mama. I promise this to you. My year started off horrible. My dad got diagnosed with a brain tumor, then a 3 months long psychosis, then I had surgrey and then I went into septic shock, and inbetween all of that Caleb was tested for a heart defect and was placed on home bound. It was 6 solid months of pure hell. Sometimes I asked God "WHY!!" As I look back I see that is wasn't God at all. It was the devil. God was there to heal my dad, my son and myself. He held us and healed us. Just keep praying mama. It will soon pass.

I will keep you all in my prayers.