Sunday, September 28, 2008

We had a nice day and it was very stress free

I woke up around 6 to do my daily trivia. Then I got motivated of course. I wanted to make my family a good breakfast. I looked in the fridge and staring back at me was a roll of sausage 2 cans of biscuits and some orange juice. I made us all some sausage gravy and biscuits. Then Big Ro asked me of my plans. We needed to go to Costco and get some milk and orange juice. Of course we needed tp too. So we got out of Costco around 11. By now the kids were a little hungry again. We grabbed a couple of hot dogs and sat down. Ro and I started talking about the car again. We decided to drive over and see a Land Rover for sale. Nope too much and needs the title to be transferred from Texas No way. So then I see the flea market. Lets go baby.

We payed our admission and walked around. We saw some dolls but passed them by as we knew the kids would just break them in a few minutes. Then we went over to the concession stand and saw fried twinkies. I bought 2 and a box of popcorn. Those things should be a sin. We walked back to the entrance and laughed. Just then I spotted a fruit stand. I tried some cantelope and purchased a watermelon and 10 ears of corn for 6.00. It was good.

We drove to a car lot and spotted a car we both agree on and I am going to call on it tomorrow. Who knows what will happen with that. I came home and made meat, potato's, and corn on the cob and we settled down for the evening. It was nice to be a family again and not argue. I hope we continue on this road.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck finding a car! Car buying always strsses me out... :(

You got the corn AND the watermelon for only $6?! What a bargain! I LOVE WATERMELON! :)

My3Ro's said...

Lisa: We are giving up looking for a car right now. We are going to catch up on bills and pay the money back slowly and have time. I was so happy to have a good day. Wish they were always that good.

Heather said...

Cheers to a great day! Congrats and gl on the car.

Heather said...

ps- thanks again for taking over trivia! You are awesome at it!