Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I have created a Monster.

Today was back to normal. Same old routine different day. Lil Ro and I woke up and took his sis to school and walked over to the dollar tree for a few more necessaties. It was there I spotted them. Strawberry & Chocolate Pop tarts. Mommy had to have some so for a buck I bought two packages. We came home and sat on the couch and opened a package. I drooled a little as I fell in love and lil Ro grabbed one. He is also in love and since this evening has finished one box. I indulged them a little bit but now I am worried what if they are discontinued?

I cooked dinner tonight. We had crockpot bbq chicken and macaroni & cheese with sliced tomatos. It was pretty good. Big Ro and I watched tv for a bit and then we went to the room and played our game system again. I am so blessed and I hope I feel this way for the rest of my life.

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Crystal said...

yummy strawberry & chocolate pop tarts, crockpot bbq chicken, mac-n-cheese and sliced tomatos. You are making me drool!I wish I would have had dinner at your house. That bbq chicken sounds so yummy! hehe