Saturday, September 27, 2008

A new car, open road and haunted hotel Oh my what a day!

We got a new car. Well not really. We rented a car from Enterprise so we could get away from the stress of everyday life here. We went to chick-fil-a in the morning so we could let the kids release some energy. There were plenty of picture ops but someone took my batteries from the camera. LOL. After chick-fil-a we ran to enterprise. We rented a 2008 Cobalt and headed home to grab some diapers and some batteries. We went to the road and hit it hard.

I-25 to US 36, up the winding roads and overlooking the steep cliffs. A beautiful lake and fresh air we have hit our desination. Estes Park. Stanley Hotel to be exact. Ro and I love Ghost Hunters and they dubbed this hotel haunted so just to see it in person was a dream. It was much smaller then expected and very easy to find but very beautiful. It turns out we can during elk fest so we could not get out and enjoy the hotel to its fullest. But look in the left side in a oval window. I swear I see man looking out. Big Ro thinks I am crazy but maybe I had my first experience with a ghost a stanley. We will be going back. I feel drawn even at 200 dollars a night I have to stay.

The children had a good time of course. Roana is fascinated with spirits now but I guess that has always been something of interest for us. Today was mellow and good and not worrying about a car for a change was wonderful. Hopefully tomorrow is just as good.

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Heather said...

Ohhh my dad and I love that show too. Great place to visit! Thanks for sharing! Enterprise has great weekend deals. We used to get them in Vancouver when we didnt have a car either.