Friday, September 19, 2008

Today was Crazy

My daughter Roana had no school today because of teacher's meetings. No way was I staying home all day with 2 kids and a raging headache. I grudgingly walked over to 7-11 and took out bus fair. Chapel hills mall and chick-fil-a here we come. The bus ride was fun except for the older lady who kept telling me to open my eyes when I kept asking Lil Ro questions about what this and that was.

We arrived a chick-fil-a and I got myself a chicken biscuit and sweet tea. I was in heaven and I watched my kids play in the play area. They laughed and played for 30 minutes. While I stared out the window I noticed a goodwill secondhand store. I grabbed the kids and we headed on out. Once we walked in we had to head straight to toys. I shuffled through and found to my surprise 2 like new build a bears. One was a monkey and the other a turtle. I was astonished by the price of 1.99 so I snatched those right up. NExt we went to the ties. My hubby loves garcia ties and to my astonishment once again I found one for 1.99.

From there on we went to kmart once again an tracked right back home. We had some bbq brisquet for dinner and all in all it was a good day. I have no complaints today but just a little stiffness. Hopefully a warm bath and some hugs makes it all better.

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Heather said...

Glad you got out, i hate staying home with 2 kids too, lol! Enough to drive a woman insane, jk!