Sunday, September 7, 2008

One step forward, two steps back

Saturday and Sunday we tried to get some sense of normalcy back into our life. I still am in disbelief and now I am starting to become a little depressed. I called the nurse on duty and she said with a concussion that is expected. When Big Ro came home from work we wanted to get out and spend some time with the kids. We went to Subway and grabbed a couple of Sandwiches and went to a local playground to watch the kids play like normal. I am trying to let them forget the accident and also trying to forget it myself. But I have irrational fears. I fear other cars. I fear the unexpected. I guess that is expected. Life is short I know it. I just have to live it. I apologize if I am rambling. It is kind of hard to try to keep a train of thought right now. My mind kind of wanders and it really frusturates me. Like last night I had to go into the shower and cry my eyes out. I hate being like this. I truly do. I need to be in control. I need to have power but right now I realize I need to wing it.

I wish I had family here to help. Unfortunately my friends are all busy with their own routines to help us out. So healing is going to take longer then expected. I know I am blessed and honestly I know they care. Heck they brought me dinner 3 nights in a row so that did help wonders. I just need to be patient and step back and relax.

The reason why I named this the way I did is because I realize life goes on but it seems like every struggle is is pushing me back. For example we took the dogs to the park. Rex got away and I had to chase him. Of course that led to a major headache and dizzy spell which frusturated me more. I just want to be normal again. I took some pics of our attempt at normal life. Enjoy

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CancunCanuck said...

Hey Susan,
Just catching up, sorry to hear about the accident! Take it easy, not only physically but emotionally too, give yourself a break girl!

Hope everyone is feeling better really soon. :)

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Hun, I know it doesnt sound like possible, but there will be a day where you wont be scared of those things anymore and you will be able to move on with your life... I know it is not easy, but I promise you will.... Hang in there, and keep doing a great job!!!

Heather said...

Soccer cures all, jk! A lot fo hubs friends have had concussion, it is common in the sport and they take awhile to get it back together and all are fine. Dont rush and take your time.

Gina said...

The kids look so cute in those pics! You will get better soon! I have been there, really I have.