Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It is a new month and I am thinking up. I am going to hit the devil in between the eyes. God is going to heal my family and make us all feel better. God is good.

Today was my son's surgery and I have never been so scared in my life. We woke up very early today and had to get a lot of things ready. I took my oldest to school and came home ready to go. At nine o clock my cab arrived. I was shaking and terrified. He pulled up to the doors and I passed him my credit card. I grabbed my son and told him come on we are going on an adventure.

We walked into registration and they were expecting us. We walked back into the room. I knew this was no dream anymore. As soon as they shut the preop door he started screaming. Our RN came into the room and gace him a dinosaur to entertain him along with some crayons. The anestesiologist came in and talked to me. I then gave him a doseage of a sedative.

The clock went quickly and I knew it would be time to go into OR soon. We paced the floors and I watched as my monkey quickly turned into a mellow sloth. He stared at the television and focused on his car. I missed my wacky boy.

12 o clock rolled around. The doctor came in and told me you can bring him back. We kissed daddy goodbye and walked back. Mommy was chatting casually to the nurses and walked him into the OR. I sat him calmly on the bed and his instinct kicked into fight mode. The dr handed him a mask and let him play nicely with it. Then we placed it over his mouth and attached the meds and oxygen. His eyes widened but he did not cry. He thrashed around a little bit and started fighting the meds. I rubbed his stomach and whispered to him "Mommy loves you. They are going to make it all better. I won't let them hurt you." With those last two words he succumbed to sleep. I watched his breathing for a few seconds and the nurse took my hand and led me out the doors. I then lost it. My heart broke and the fear set in. I cried and went back to his room.

The 45 minutes passed quickly. The dr walked in and told me all was fine and to come see him again in a month. The nurse followed and came and got me. I went into postop room. When I walked in he was sleeping. They brought me apple juice and we got him to wiggle. He still did not respond the way they wanted. We let him nap 10 more minutes. We took a wet rag and woke him. He looked at me with those big brown eyes and I sighed in relief.

We went back to his room and he screamed as hoarse as possible "Da." We feed him a popsicle, pudding and a couple of graham crackers. I complain about him but I am so glad he is safe now. He is wearing a cast now and I took a few pics before surgery. I love my son and I pray I never go through this again.

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Carrie said...

is well now, just keep the faith!! I prayed for him last night as I will tonight. Love you all and take care

Crystal said...

I am so happy to hear that everything went smoothly. Isn't it just the scariest thing to have your baby put to sleep? Both of my boys have had to be put out. Cameron for a biopsy and Caleb for a hernia. I cried so much both times.

You are so strong. The devil wont get you down. You are too strong to allow it. Kepe your chin up. Lil-ROn is a fighter just like his mama.

I'm so happy that everything is heading back to normal. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and thoughts.

God Bless you~

Heather said...

I am so glad it went smooth. Your one tough momma, hold him tight!