Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grr he is My son

Don't you love it when you get other peoples advice? If I hear unwanted advice from a know it all parent I am going to scream. This is my son. We want him to have long hair. We do not care what you think! He is our son and we have that right to chose his hair style. If you want to feed him and cloth him well feel free to join in raising him. Until then just shut your trap and I will hold back my fist promise.

He is making me so proud. His language is improving and I know that he is very smart. I ask him for shoes and he brings them. I ask for milk or leche and he says si. He also says thank you in Chinese. He is a good kid. Please look at his gorgeous curls and tell me I do not need to cut them yet.

Roana is also making great strides in school. She is getting passing grades and making new friends. Her teacher adores her and I am very happy. Its going good right now. This weekend we are driving up to Denver. We will go to Casa Bonita weather permitting. I know we will all have a good time. I hope all is well with the world again for everyone and not just me anymore.

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Carrie said...

Your childs hair can be what you want it to be. As a mom of 3 boys I keep their hair trim and short but thats just how I want it. If you love his hair longer and curly then leave it that way. Take care!

cul-ture-queen said...

That's my main pet peeve advice from people who don't know me, and or advice that I didn't ask for.
I like his hair!

Gina said...

Don't you dare cut those gorgeous curly lil locks. They're gorgeous as is he. Roana is such a lil star, soooo pretty.

Heather said...

I've never cut Thais's hair either, so if you dont, then dont, i didnt, lol!


My3Ro's said...

Carrie: I know one day he will want his hair short but right now this look is for us. Thanks for the comment

Nicole: I love his hair. People have some nerve huh?

Gina: I promise no sissors around those curls. Daddy and I would divorce if I dared. LoL

H: I know and her hair is beautiful. I love how soft his is right now. Thanks for the support.