Saturday, October 25, 2008

Man Oh Man what a day!

Of course today Big Ro had to work overtime. Very rarely is there a day that he does not. We are just grateful that he has a job to call his own. My baby came home around 11 and we headed out to Golden Corral. Surprisingly Lil Ro actually let me eat comfortably. Well at least I got to eat most of my plate.

After a wonderful Lunch we decided to wash our car. We went and washed it for 3.00 with dry and everything. Big Ro then asked me what I wanted to do. Well I needed to finish getting the costumes done. Off we go to the secondhand store. I am browsing around and find a brand new pair of boots for my Lil Ro and a leather motorcycle jacket. I got them both for 4.00. I also got him a pair of dress shoes and roana a pair for her costume. I did very well. I found a new tank for our fishes too.

I come home and grab our huge pumpkin. I swear it was 30 lbs at least. I carved it and it was so cute. It was a little monster carved in it. I come into the bedroom to check some things and I hear Roana scream Lil Ro no. I go in and to my dismay. Lil Ro has smashed my 2 hour job in seconds. I was heartbroken. I go and check on our fishes and of course Daisy is now floating at the top. I explained to Roana that some fish just get sick and Goldfish are like that. So from this point on no more fish. Not till mommy can get a bigger tank. All in all it was a good day. I am kinda bummed about my pumpkin and the buckeyes losing but ya know. I am blessed. I have a family that loves me and a man who would give the world for me. If only everyone was this lucky. The world would be a perfect place if everyone had it made like me.

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