Saturday, October 18, 2008

It just gets better and better

Today Big daddy had to work until 11 but we did not let that kill our day. When daddy came home the kids and I went bounding down the stairs and to the car. We were going to go to denver but after lots of debating we decided to just stay here in the springs and cook out. We ran to the store and bought hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken and went to Palmer Park. We found our private cove and set up our grill. I was kind of worried about Lil Ro and the Rock climbing but he proved he is a big boy and his broken arm will not hold him back. We had a good time and tonight will curl up in front of the tv and watch the Red Sox Game. Tomorrow is a new day. We shall see what else this weekend holds.

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carrie said...

I love the second picture, the first one of Roana where she is kind of sideways. She looks so beautiful and grown up! Glad your having a great weekend. Oh by the way our gas is $2.57 a gallon dont be jealous!

Crystal said...

I love these pictures!!
Roana looks soooooo beautiful in these. Little Ro-N is as cute as ever. I ****LOVE*** his hair. SOOOOO CUTE!!

You always make time to spend doing fun things with your family. You are such a great mom. Your kids are going to have SO many fond memories of all of these family outtings when they grow up. Those memories are the best. Family outtings are my best memories when I look back at my child-hood. It also makes me realize what a fantastic mother that I had, so I try so hard to be like her.

You are setting it up for Roana to be a beautiful, wonderful mother one day just like hers.

There will be many, many more family fun days in all of your lives.

Best of Wishes~

Heather said...

Ok ok thats about the only part i miss about living in Colorado. Its so beautiful but your kids make it even more beautiful.