Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Babie are getting so big and serious

Monday was my son's WIC certification day. We got at our appointment on time at 1130. Our tech was concerned about his broken arm but was very happy with his progress. He is 29.25 lbs and 35.15 inches long. My baby is not so small anymore. I saw a 5 day old baby and got such baby fever. No I will not have anymore kids. Not right now at least. I want my kids to have more. But if god made my IUD not work I would understand.

We are doing ok. No excitement today of course but life is good. Roana got out of school at 330. Oh we did drive up Cheyenne mountain to look out at the city. We had a very serious discussion about lots of things. My daughter then gave me the big question. How do baby's come out of the mommy? Oh my goodness I was not prepared. We were talking about the danger of drugs. We have some family that are in them deep so we talk to our kids early. I told her " The doctors take them out." She then told me duh mom but how. I bit my toungue and told her " I will tell you later." Oh my its that age. So I guess that was my excitement. LoL

I am learning patience and trying to be strong. Today I missed my mom a lot. But oh well. She is with me every day. I just have to stay strong and look towards the Son.

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Crystal said...

Roana is growing up.
Caleb (age 10) asked me the same question last year at age 9. I got him to watch "A Baby Story" and a "Delivery Story" on TLC and the Discovery Health channel with me.

The episodes were of 3 vaginal births (no private were shown) and 3 C-Sections.

These episodes show no nudity and are on local TV. He asked me questions during the shows and I answered them very truthfully.

He just wanted to know how the babies got out of the belly. One of his friends (no clue which one) already told him how they get in the belly. Ohhhh I bet you it wasnt told to him correctly. I wont bring it up to him now though, not unless he ask.


Our babies are growing!! =(

Heather said...

Oh no... i have no clue how to handle that conversation. Gl and let us know what you end up telling her!.