Friday, October 24, 2008

Has it Really Been That Long?

On the 22nd Big Ro and I have a special day. It was that day ten years ago we were living our own lives. He had just broken up with a girl and I had just broken up with my Internet man. That fateful evening, I logged onto WebTV Soccerchat. I was greeting every person that entered and talking to my buddies. There was one person who ignored me no matter what I tried. His name was Roger23. My screen name was alottaluv and to this day still is under a different server of course. He would not speak to me. I got so irritated and sent him a whisper. It went something like this.

alottaluv: Hello. How are you?
Roger23: Hello Good how are you? A/S/L
alottaluv: Good 18/f/Ohio you?
Roger23: 22/m/CO
alottaluv: Cool. Wanna chat?
Roger23: Sure. You go to school?
alottaluv: Yes. You married?
Roger23 No. Where? And you?
alottaluv: Nope Ohio State University. I just graduated in May from high school. What you do for work?
Roger23: I work.
alottaluv: Embarrassing question, are you a virgin?
Roger23: Yes and you?
alottaluv: Ha ha of course.

You get the gist of it. We chatted privately for almost 3 hours. I logged off that evening very happy and smiling ear to ear. I went to bed a very happy woman. Never before had any of the men in my life made me feel this way and I actually had something to look forward too.

FF to the next morning. I go to class and during my break I write a letter to my love Roger. I come home and log on. I then go to email and log on. OMG I did not get his email. WTH was I thinking? I ran to my board praying our mutual friends are online. Thank goodness they are. What is his email? I scream in caps. Someone says maybe he doesn't want you to have it. I am in tears. Please tell me I beg and finally his best online friend tells me. Here it is. I go back to my mail and sent him a letter. Our relationship continued like that for a couple of weeks.

He sent me an email. We wanted to take it to the next level. In this email was his phone number and a phone card number. I quickly dialed the number and held my breath. Sorry this number is no longer in service. I was heartbroken and scared.WTH? I emailed him again bawling. No answer. I thought that maybe this was all a sick joke. Then I looked up the area code to Denver and bam I tried it. There was his sweet voice and we chatted on the phone until the card ran out 2 hours later. It was a very interesting call to say the least. He sang to me and spoke to me in Spanish. He played music for me. I was in love and deep and so was he.

Our relationship progressed and we had many more anniversary's. I even came to met him on the 5th of December. But that day was the day my life changed and for the better. I love him more each day I know him. Even though we fight sometimes and argue his my complete. He is the peanut butter to my jelly. I will love him forever till the day I die. I love you Big Ro thanks for everything. We have been through a lot but together we can conquer it all.

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Heather said...

lol how many anniversary's do you have? jk thats a very sweet story, good thing you didnt give up.