Friday, October 17, 2008

What a day? What more to say?

Today Roana had no school today. We were going to stay home all day but honestly the kids were going batty. LoL. I emailed Big Ro and asked him what to do for dinner? He then told me whatever sounded good to me would be fine for him. I pondered and decided spaghetti. The dollar tree a little over a mile from our apartment has some really good garlic bread. I walked through a little field and saw a butterfly. Then I saw a bunch of butterflies. Butterflies always remind me of my mother. So I took my camera out of my purse and started snapping pictures. I fully expected them all to be terrified but I shockingly got one that just sat there and posed. I am very happy with the result. I like to think whenever I see a butterfly its just another sign that mom loves me and still thinks about me.

We finally got to the dollar tree and I bought Lil Ro a set of cars. I could not for the life of me find anything worth it for Roana. She just wanted the junky toys. I told her we would stop at the dollar spot and buy something in Target. As I paid and left we walked past PetSmart. Mommy why dont we go inside? She asked. We walked around and I remembered Cana needed some food. We went to the goldfish food and she spotted it. An interesting Goldfish in the .12 tank. Mommy please she asked excitedly. I remember when I did research for Cana they said that they are very social and need at least one other gold fish. I told the lady to pick it out for us and we all sat down and named it. Here is our new friend "Dash". She keeps asking me when we will have babies. I told her I have no clue. Honestly, I think we may have either two female or two male goldfish. I hope this baby stage ends soon.

So our mini adventure was very nice. We had a great time and even got some productive things done. Life is good right now and I love the name god gave me....Mom

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Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Love it!! Love the butterfly and how it remembers of your mom and I love how nice you can spend the day with the kids outside!!! :)

Crystal said...

Wow! The pictures of the butterflies are so beautiful!
I remember reading one of your blog posts that was posted long ago about butterflies and your mom.

I believe this is true. That is so incredible. I loved this post a lot.

Heather said...

More animals? jk! its only 12 cents who can beat that? Congrats on the new addition!