Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its a beautiful day

So we went out and decided to go to a couple of parks. We took the dogs and played with them too. With weather at almost 80 degrees who could resist. I was taking care of chiquita so not very many pictures but it was beautiful. You will have to trust me.
The first park was a soccer field with a small play area. The kids ran and jumped and played. Big Ro played basketball and the dogs laid there and watched. After an hour I started getting cranky. I was hungry and not tolerating this any longer.
We loaded our pack back into the station wagon and headed off to our carniceria to pick up some barbacoa & fresh tortillas. We came home and ate our tacos then headed off to another park. This park is named Goose Gossage Sports complex. This complex compomises of more soccer fields, large baseball diamonds and skate ramps. We go there for the playground and winding trails by fountain river.
We walked a two mile lap and called it a day. We hardly spent any money today but it was a great day and we are learning we like hiking as a family. Hopefully we can do this more often to clean our minds and souls only time will tell.

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Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Im VERY happy with all this happy posts and the way your blog is turning!!!

Check out my blog for a special something for you from the post of October 19th.

Crystal said...

I remember not too long ago that you were stuck under a dark cloud that seemed to follow you.

Now it seems nothing but sun shine, smiles, love, laughter and peace follows you. You even get a visit from your mother (butterflies) I am SO happy that your life has taken a fast spin for the better. I knew it would though; Yuo are a strong momma and I knew you would work through the curve ball life threw your way.

Best Wishes~

Heather said...

I love outdoor parks that have sports complexes too. But can I tell you what a small world this is? Goose Gossage used to live near us in SD and i walked down the aisle with his son for my 1st communion. Aint that funny? I swear you and i or will met one day. Our paths cross one too many times.