Saturday, October 11, 2008

We found something to do

With the cold weather and snow in the forecast Big Ro and I were afraid to attempt the Denver Drive. We discussed our options and found the best one for us. A place called Lil Biggs. It was fun at first because the place was practically empty but when the stuck up people showed up it was not worth it. One lady told Big Ro when he was playing with Lil Ro "Are you that childs father? You look nothing like him!" She is lucky I was not around and then the mommies of the perfect blancos kept taking their children away from Roana like she has a contagious disease. I got my money's worth for 19.95. I loved the concept but because of the clientele I will not return. We were all there for the same reason. Our babies and a good time. I am sick of the prejudice in this day and age. Biracial is growing so people need to be more accepting. I am still saddened that in this day and age we still look throw colored glasses. We are a rainbow and people need to accept that. Life is short love it people or just stay home.

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Adrians Mama said...

That looks sooo fun I am sorry for the prejudiceness!!! UGH!!!!!!!

Heather said...

All that matters is that you and your kids have fun!


My3Ro's said...

m: Yes it was fun but maybe one day in the future we can go back. I think we may be over sensitive.

H: I agree and I know they will remember it for a long time