Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In this day and age.

It really sickens me that a few closeminded people can ruin all the fun for everyone. Today was the final day of school because of Parent Teacher Conferences. For the past 2 years this would be the day that we dress our children in their costumes and prep for school day fun. Not this year. No it would not be tolerated and if a parent dressed thier child up then we faced discipline. I admit it was very sad to walk Roana to school and not see the children running into school wearing princess costumes or hero costumes. Instead we had to settle with Crazy Hat day. Not very many kids had hats on though. It saddens me for my kids. Since when did we get so politically correct we took the fun out of school? I have a feeling this means no winter party too this year. Maybe no Holiday concert where will this all end? I think noone will have a problem with those because they are typical Christain holidays. Yes that was why halloween and harvest was cancelled in school this year. It was because of religious difference. I thought we are supposed to have a seperation of religion and state in this country. I think we are slowly evolving into those country's we fought so hard to not become.

I got Roana a hat from the second hand store and hyped it up really big. So no problem there. I just wish things could be innocent again like they were when I was growing up. I cannot turn back the hands of time however. My children are growing up in a way different world then I was. Tomorrow we have Lil Ro's appointment. I am hoping we get this cast off so we can see our baby back the way he was. I will be on limited tomorrow as I have to go downtown and then we will go to the park. Here is a picture of Roana on crazy hat day.

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Gina said...

Her hat is awesome. She is one gorgeous little girl. I think she looks just like you and Roan looks like your hubs.