Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A day of Firsts

This morning we woke up and the cold hit me hard. I ran to the thermostat and turned it up to 60. I grab my daughter and have her jump into the shower and I frantically blowdry her hair. It is freezing outside. I grab our coats and bundle the baby and run down the stairs. I swing open the front door and there it is. The first snow of the Season. Granted it is a light dusting but when it is already freezing it makes it colder. I get her to school and I swear I am not leaving for the day. Our first snow. It is crazy. I took pics but have not uploaded them yet.

Another first I am not too happy about either. My angel. My Roana the child never in trouble was on Red at school today. I ran back to her teacher and she confirmed the wonderful news. Roana had not been listening or following directions so she was placed on Red. I talked to Roana and she understands how she is supposed to behave. I did not punish her but told her what her next punishment would be for being on red.

Another first. I am no longer mommy to a two year old. Today my son turned two and a half. I feel weird saying two now. So my terror is officially turning two and a half. I am now looking at my options again for schooling. I want to go back. I will see how that goes. So all in all not too bad. It could be worse ya know.

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Heather said...

SNOW???? run run as fast as you can, jk! bundle up, ill enjoy the sun even more now!