Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghost or Goblins we had no fear

Yesterday was Roana's parent teacher conference. I was so nervous about her studies. It was not even funny. After a twenty minute session and plenty of reassurance later my child is excelling once again. Yes she is not perfect but the teacher nor I are concerned about her at this point.

The conference ended at 915 and the kids and I went to target. We bought a pizza and some snacks to hold us over until trick or treat. About two a clock I told the kids we can get ready. Roana flew to her room and threw on her minnie costume and lil Ro came and lifted his arms towards me. I slowly dressed him and dreaded putting on his makeup. Surprisingly he let me apply the makeup with no problems.

He kept touching his face and I kept adding more and more makeup. I was so worried about his costume. Would it make it 2 more hours? My answer was soon known. The kids, hubby and I walked into the mall. I was greeted with smiles. I thought which kid is getting the reaction. Then when we went store to store it was confirmed. My joker was authentic and people loved him. People gave us thumbs up. I got many questions like where did you get that costume? Who did his makeup? He is adorable. I was very proud. We finished the mall in an hour and it was way to beautiful to not go outside. It has not been this nice in over 10 years.

We headed over to our friends "Jame's" house. While we were there He came outside and took pictures. The gave the kids glowsticks and candy. I am so blessed to have great friends. His daughter and granddaughter invited us to thier neighborhood to TOT too. This was our first time as a family of four TOTing in a neighborhood. So we headed over there. It was fun as we went through haunted houses and the neighbors gave the kids good thing. It flooded me with memories from my childhood.

TOT ended for us at 745. The kids were wiped out and ready for bed. We made a quick pit stop to our favorite taco shop and headed home. We were home by 930 and in bed by 10. It was a good time and I look forward to many more years like this. Hope everyone else had a happy halloween.

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Adrians Mama said...

I love both costumes! And yes you did a GREAT job on the joker!!!!

Heather said...

Great pixs! Sounds like a great time!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

OMG!! He looks VERY cute!! Luz was joker too!!!!!!!!!